Alejandro Escuer

The flute and orchestra repertoire of the American continent has been enriched and expanded extraordinarily thanks to the initiative and vision of Mexican flute virtuoso Alejandro Escuer, who is the dedicatee of incredible new pieces such as Altar de Viento (2015) by Gabriela Ortiz (México 1964), or Tetracrómatas composed in 2015 by Enrico Chapela (México 1974) -Boosey and Hawkes, Concierto Son by Arturo Márquez (Mexico 1950), Flow (2019) by David Dzubay (US, 1964) and several other pieces that have been premiered or are yet to be premiered in the next seasons. Los Angeles Philharmonic will feature Alejandro as a soloist for the premiere of Alejandro Cardona´s Hacha de Trueno, a commissioned work by the LAPhil in 2021.


The soloist has chosen “music to be discovered,” composers of exceptional originality and contemporary expressiveness, a fact that has had a strong impact among general audiences and experts. And this is so, because Alejandro´s approach to music making is related to expand the listener´s experience through repertoire that brings human or social aspects of life that can be moving, passionate, intense, tangible and audible in the concert hall.


 Works already written:

David Dzubay:

Concierto para flauta y orquesta (2019)

Written for next season 2019-2020 is a piece of great contemporary expressiveness and of strong impact.
World premiere. OFCM.

Mauricio Beltrán:

Veinte Petirrojos de Cristal (2015).

Dedicated to the twenty children who lost their lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Gabriela Ortiz: 

​Altar de Viento (2015)

I Luz Eólica
II. Geometría del Aire
III Viento Nocturno
IV. Tornado

Ca 22 min.

Gabriela Ortiz: 

Zócalo Tropical (2008)

Double concerto for flute, percussion and orchestra in three movements.

Ca 24 min.

Enrico Chapela:

Concierto Tetracrómatas (2015) 

Para flauta y orquesta
La visión sonora del color.
En tres movimientos.

Ca 23 min

Felipe Pérez Santiago: 

Velcro (2015).

Concierto para flauta y orquesta.
Obra de gran colorido y virtuosismo. 

Ca 20 min. World premiere

Leonardo Coral: 

​El Jardín de las Delicias (2004)

Basada en una de las obras más conocidas del pintor holandés Hieronymus Bosch (el Bosco).

Ca 21 min.

Michael Matthews:

​Flute concerto (2010).

Obra terminada.

Ca 26 min.

Roberto Sierra: Concierto Tropical para flauta y orquesta.

 Arturo Márquez:   Concierto Son for flute and orchestra

Fusión latinoamericana y contemporánea

 Armando Luna: Flute concerto

 Other concerts from other latitudes: 

Reza Vali (Iran): Concierto para flauta y orquesta

Kaija Saariaho (Sweden): Aile du songe para flauta y orquesta

Joseph Schwantner (US): A Play of Shadows for flute and orchestra

Toru Takemitsu (Japan): I Hear the Water Dreaming, for flute and orchestra