Jade Nocturno
Title : Jade Nocturno

Format : Digital Download

Jade Nocturno consists of works that can not be obtained in any other way. If I had to briefly describe the characteristics of the works it contains, I would say that they are original pieces in a double sense. On the one hand, they are original compositions for flute (specifically designed to be performed on this instrument). On the other hand, all the pieces included have a high degree of compositional originality.

Music is the expression of particular human beings. For me, the interpetative act is deeply linked with the magical act of listening, intuiting and analyzing, that is, traveling through the universe of the composer with the sole purpose of finding and discovering senses and meanings, both musical and personal. For this to happen it is necessary to discover ourselves in music, and this is only achieved through a necessary ineluctable introspection, meditation that music provokes in us and reveals who we are. In this sense, the music that manages to become a mirror of our own images is the music that has more value for those who listen to it (or interpret it), because it is also the music that reveals images that inescapably strike our emotionality with our daily life.

Music is for me an act of reflection. Perhaps for this reason I chose works that are assumed and interpreted as sonorous reflections that carry with them some philosophical implications related to the insurmountable nature of our existence: The inability to pass of time in De Pronto; the revelation of ancient enigmas in Nocturnal Jade; the transience of impermanence and the ephemeral in Soaring; the awareness of our history in Abya Yala; the strength of the recurrent dance of Degas dancers; the awareness of our contemporaneity in Color and Velocity; contemplation, admiration and fear in front of nature in Temples; and finally the return to the origins in Third Tribe. -A.E.

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