Folklore Imaginario

Title : Folklore Imaginario

Format : Digital Download

“This project would not have been possible without the creative contribution and high refinement of each of the invited musicians and friends, to whom I dedicate this work”.

Imaginary Folklore is a journey with closed eyes in which distant visions of the world merge with contemporary art and with our perception. This album not only challenges our ideas about what is classic, contemporary or ethnic, but also is designed to strengthen the capacity of acoustic appreciation of those who listen to it. The ultimate goal of this project is to celebrate the fertility of polycultural and multidisciplinary alchemy inside.

Congruent with the idea of ​​fusing distant sound worlds, in this project various forms of musical creation converge, as well as the eclectic combination of these, and among those that are: improvisation and traditional co-operation; and the composition of fragments and recording them to later integrate them as initial sound material, to be subjected subsequently to various processes of acoustic, electroacoustic and aesthetic refinement. In addition, the composer adds to this album forms of musical creation derived from the creative forms of painting, photography and sound art.

“Music must recover its meaning as a spiritual experience. For me it is essential to create in the perception of the listener an imaginary and personal ritual that stimulates reflection and fosters forms of historical consciousness, without neglecting the acoustic enjoyment of sonic sensuality.”

“The idea is to stimulate intellectual communication and, therefore, promote a symbolic, emotional and consciously significant understanding of the human. I am convinced that those who appreciate art in this way will be more sensitive to mutual understanding, to acceptance, as well as to the recognition and full enjoyment of the cultural and social diversity of contemporary society. “