Title : Flying
Format : Digital Download

Flying is an album to listen to on the fly. Eight agile, ludic, resounding and fast works where Alejandro Escuer displays his virtuosity. A beat of flutes and their metal wings. Hundreds of butterflies emigrating, replicating the sounds of the overturn, the secret voices and their codes, the sound labyrinth of the wind. A waterfall of birds over a vertical garden, a multitude of rumors and solitudes trapped in the invisible networks that society, as an illusionist, has woven in space.

Works of diverse origins and purposes that show the sonorous chaos of existence, the anxiety of transmitting our murmurs, the weight of a flock over our heads. But also in them we hear the freedom of a pair of wings over the air, the lightness and the impetus of the flight: delicate sounds that descend in the ear like precise steps in a narrow staircase where one, little by little, leaves the saturated noise of the days and so, light and clear, on the back of Alejandro’s flute, can fly away.

Mónica Sánchez Escuer

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