Title : Flux
Format : Digital Download

Flux is a production of the Integral Nucleus of Composition (NICO) and Urtext digital classics, which contains twelve works written by young Latin American composers. These pieces are the result of the first workshop for flute and electronics that is taught in NICO and were composed especially for Alejandro Escuer, with his invaluable advice.

NICO is a school dedicated to teaching composition through an integral pedagogical philosophy. the different senses offer us information about different aspects of reality. Our brain evolved taking into account these variables, so it remembers more easily experiences rich in sensory stimuli, those that link different types of memories. If the body and the senses are involved, optimal conditions for learning are established. In NICO it is sought that the students, when doing with their own hands the different stages of the trade, acquire a deep knowledge about the functioning of the tools. The composition workshop for flute and electronics includes the different stages of musical creation: conception, notation, interpretation, concert and recording.

Magnetic flux refers to the strength of a magnetic field over a certain area. The term flux was chosen since the power of a magnet seems to “flow” from one pole of the magnet to the other in a circular pattern. This flow of energy represents the different aspects of the creative process.

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