Visiones is the first title in a new series of monographic recordings, that is, dedicated to one composer, that Ónix dedicates to the creation of chamber music in Mexico. The project consists of presenting a comprehensive, deeper and more complete vision of the aesthetics used by Mexican composers of concert music. In this case, the project selected by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts 2003-2004 was that of Leonardo Coral. To exemplify his music we chose a variety of instrumental formats ranging from the chamber concert, to solos, duos, a quintet, among others. The instruments chosen characterize the versatility of Onyx and the composer: Such is the case of the ensemble composed of wind, piano, strings and percussion in the first three numbers, or that of the solo flute, the viola and piano duo, the violin duo and piano or the now classic ‘Pierrot’ ensemble composed of the flute, the clarinet, the violin, the cello and the piano.

Thus, this volume is dedicated to Leonardo Coral, a composer whose simplicity of character translates into an exemplary transparency of sounds that move away from the common magnificence, and instead discover plain, pure, without ambitions or dazzling effects. His music reveals to us the skill of the one who arms and adjusts full and sincere artifices. Forms and contents reveal the personal outline of an imaginary reconciliation between tradition and modernity. From clean spaces and uncovered corners, Visiones has the opportunity to travel along roads whose hypnotic trajectory reveals a world that expresses what it simply is.

Alejandro Escuer



Title : Visiones
Format : Digital Download