The music of the twentieth century shows its inextinguishable splendor due not only to the complexity of languages ​​and styles that characterized it, but also to the coexistence of expressions, contents and forms that are extraordinarily diverse and contrasting with each other.

The vertigo created by the contemporary happenings of time and space sharpens and shapes the senses in such a way that they compel and convert the listener into a necessarily more exploratory being, with the essential aim of making him find not only how much wealth encloses what at first sight is not seen, but also what is to be discovered. It is about the need to create the active listener, maker of forms and senses.

PLANOS could well be described as a museum, an acoustic canvas gallery that when they are heard come to life, and even after each audition, they remain eager to tell their story, sometimes obvious, sometimes more hidden and profound.

Let the images captured in these canvases be revealed. Everything is to imagine and travel, opening time to sensory fragments of personal discovery.

If PLANOS is able to open a space in time, its existence will be an accomplished expedition.

Let the sounds build their universe … and let them show it to us in our imagination, whose door is our ears, and whose strength is our ability to create … listening.


Title : Planos
Format : Digital Download