Labyrinths is a journey through spaces whose sonorous walls have never been traveled before. This is because the totality of the works included are absolute premieres, so their virgin effect on the emotionality of the listener is to be discovered.

And it is precisely a strong and authentic spirit of discovery that led the compositors and each of the interpreters to stairs and passages of spectacular complexity and virtuosity.

Laberintos shows the aesthetic diversity and eclecticism that nowadays define Mexican and Latin American concert music. Each work is characterized by delineating its own challenges, laws and universes, using compositional and interpretative means and procedures as varied as contrasting.

It is worth mentioning that, in the face of this evident aesthetic diversity, a significant convergence prevails: Laberintos’ music faces with courage and remarkable force the challenge of originality and form. The interpretative work on the other hand leads the energya of the discourses to an extreme, capable of taking us through novel paths and passages of Sonora luminisidad. As if it were an acoustic beam of imaginary light, the listener is led by the hand and led to solve, through his own perception, each of the traced labyrinths. – A.E.

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Title : Laberintos
Format : Digital Download