Ideograms are modes of writing, forms of representation of abstract ideas through signs that by convention acquire specific meanings. This is how Japan, the south of Nigeria or China have developed their written expression, each work represents a particular vision, a unique and personal sound world characterized by high-contrast aesthetics, some closer to the timbral search and others more to the expansion of the port-tonal, neo-tonal, modal and atonal discourse, with influences of world music, all of which is proof of the contemporary eclecticism of classical music of today. Onyx celebrates multiculturalism and aesthetic openness of such diversity through IDEOGRAMAS, a project that presents eight young Mexican composers for the first time. We thank the INTEGRAL COMPOSITION NUCLEUS, URTEXT DIGITAL CLASSICS and the NATIONAL FUND FOR CULTURE AND ARTS through the MEXICO PROGRAM AT SCENA for their solidarity and support for the making of this record.

Alejandro Escuer

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Title : Ideogramas
Format : Digital Download