Arid and cracked earth, snubbed and desolated by the loss of conscience, innocence and truth: For more than 20 years Mexico has lived its crudest crossroads to be involved and trapped by crime, looting and the plundering of wealth, life and hope.

FURIA Y SILENCIO is a project that integrates composers and performers whose way of playing and composing is linked to reflection, introspection and the need to express a particular vision with strength and lucidity. However, and if we wanted to find the common denominator or common thread that unites each of the pieces gathered here, we could say that in its own way each work presents metaphorically different perspectives and sound reactions related to the unacceptability of an unrecognizable reality, the astonishment stunned and incredulous of our times and the impact of events as inconceivable as absurd. Before it and with the knot in the throat, a music is necessary whose evocative power is able to make irresistible the song and testimony of its fury, a music that can transcend its acoustic existence and thus heal the emptiness of branched wounds, to light of memory and by the force of the cry and the echo and the time, followed by a deafening, moving and hopeful (…) silences.

Alejandro Escuer, Mexico D.F., July 14, 2015.

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Furia y Silencio

Title : Furia y Silencio
Format : Digital Download