Aire Desnudo

Schwantner  ·  Zyman  ·  Escuer  ·  Dick  ·  Lavista

This Work arises from a magical collaboration between Alejandro Escuer and Robert Dick, who visited Mexico at the end of 2000. With works by themselves, both flutists shared the stage in a memorable concert held at the National School of Music. Among the pieces presented was Born Nude Air, a live improvisation in which the flute was used in C, flute flute and flute in sun alternately. The duo passes through and through reflective and imitative stages of spectral and musical character, that is, attending to the timbre and elements such as rhythm and melody. However, the result is surprisingly eclectic and original, because paths of sound explorations are traversed by allusions to imaginary ancient music, which lead them to the cracking of the air, to the microtonal contemplation of the low flute in a solo that breathes, to the Occasional but effective use of the voice of the flutists themselves, which is boldly interspersed with the musical discourse.


Aire Desnudo

Title : Aire Desnudo
Format : Digital Download