Alejandro Escuer flutes
Rodrigo Sigal Electroacoustic music, real time sound manipulation and sound difussion
José Luis García Nava real time video and visuals

Lumínico as a stage show offers a unique view of contemporary reality through sound and visual metaphors that immerse the viewer in a unique artistic experience: Consciousness, perception, intuition and rationality are emotionally linked in a personal introspective event, unique to each viewer, which is built on high-level live performance and the use of advanced audiovisual technologies.

The project was the winner of the national award of scenic arts MEXICO IN SCENE through the National Fund for Culture and the Arts.

Lumínico’s repertoire comes from hundreds of sound and video sources that make up a numerous body of works, which include electronic and electroacoustic music combined with live improvisation, contemporary concert music, classical music and folk music from the five continents, in addition to visual music created digitally, in deferred format and in real time. These sources are continuously renewed to make way for new programs. Each concert integrates fragments of those pieces and sounds, intertwining them live as if it were a soundtrack, so Lumínico avoids the conventional list of works and composers, to make way for a new format: It is about breaking with classifications or common labels of concert music and thus avoid expectations and free themselves from prejudices in search of original, innovative, proactive and integrating sound and scenic forms, in accordance with the complexity and diversity of contemporary society.

Lumínico 2011 includes works by Rodrigo Sigal, Alejandro Escuer, José Luis García Nava, Gabriela Ortiz, Jacob TV, Alejandro Viñao, Alejandro Castaños and Felipe Pérez Santiago.