Alejandro Escuer
Ph.D. M.A. B.A.

Alejandro Escuer is flutist, composer, multidisciplinary artist, curator and Mexican music producer specialized in contemporary music. As a flutist he has premiered more than a hundred works dedicated to him by composers from five continents for flute and orchestra, flute and ensemble, flute and electronics, flute and string quartet among many other combinations. As a composer he has developed a discourse close to sound art in combination with a very special instrumental and poetic virtuosity recognized by personalities such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Robert Dick or the press, qualifying his music and playing as Alluring, imaginative, rewarding (The New York Times).


Alejandro Escuer completed his doctoral studies at the University of New York where he obtained P.h. D.Doctor of Philosophy in Music with a specialty in interpretation (flute), composition and musical improvisation. He completed his master’s studies at the Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam Holland with the highest degree and distinction that the Netherlands offers: Uitvoerend Musicus(solo performer). He also completed his undergraduate studies at the National Conservatory of Music and studied the sociology at the UNAM.


Parallel to his formal studies he worked with flutists Mario Salinas since he was a child and with Marielena Arizpe in Mexico, with Koos Verheul at Amsterdam Conservatory, with Severino Gazzelloni at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana Siena, Italy; with Kurt Redel (Germany), with William Bennett at the Royal Academy of Music in London, with Peter Lukas Graf (Switzerland); with Itzvan Matuz (Hungary), and with Esther Lamneck and Robert Dick (Nueva York University).

He has appeared as soloist with orchestra on numerous occasions, premiering works by Gabriela Ortiz, Enrico Chapela, Michael Matthews, Arturo Márquez, Mauricio Beltrán, Hebert Vázquez, Joseph Schwantner, Kaija Saariaho among other composers with the National Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Mexico City, the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala, the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Guanajuato, the Heredia Symphony Orchestra in Costa Rica, among others.

He is a creator rather than a common flutist: Alejandro Escuer starts from a multidisciplinary perspective, that is directly acoustic and visual, between instrumental virtuosity, musical composition, improvisation, graphic visualization, the use of electro-acoustic technology and the formal conception and content close to the humanities and social sciences. This is how he has dabbled in the maximum development of the extended techniques for his instrument, the sound art, the installation, coming to implement projects for the intervention of mass impact public spaces with themes related to social criticism, to ecology, to the philosophy, to sustainability and especially to the conscience and reflection on the future of the human being. His music incorporates the use of instruments that he introduced to Latin America for the first time: double bass flute (2.4 m long), sub-contrabass flute (almost 4.5 m long), contralto flute specially built for him and microtonal flute recess. He is the creator and artistic director of ÓNIX Ensamble, a Mexican group specialized in the interpretation of contemporary music with more than 160 works dedicated and released throughout his 22 years of career.

In the year 2000 he founded and created the multidisciplinary project LUMÍNICO for solo flute, real time video and electroacoustic music with the composer Rodrigo Sigal where interconnections between different world musics (India, Japan, Iran, contemporary classical music) and the relationship are explored. of electronic music with other disciplines. Through this project he has developed a solo career with the use of new technologies, premiering more than 40 works for these formats. It has 19 recorded discs, seven of which are as soloists, five with ONIX and the rest are international collaborations. Among the prizes and acknowledgments that Alejandro Escuer has received are: National Association of Latin Arts and Cultures Award 2012; Scenic Creator with trajectory 2010-13 (FONCA-CONACULTA), Co-investment Projects, three scholarships as interpreter, including Rockefeller Foundation-Bancomer-FONCA, Mexico on Stage program for the ONIX Ensemble project on 7 occasions, FulbrightGarcía Robles 2008 for the composition of four works during postdoctoral stay, first prize of the Independent Music Awards for best album of contemporary classical music 2014, international recognition as a creative soloist of his instrument in 2014, as well as opposition contests won as permanent professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM) Faculty of Music, among others.

His work as a composer has been recognized and therefore Escuer is a member of the National System of Art Creators (SNCA) since 2018. He has ventured into photography, design and painting, all of which has had an impact on his music and way to play your instrument. He has given numerous international concerts acting as musical ambassador of Mexico in Japan, China, Spain, Poland, England, France, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and especially in the United States in cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, The Angles among many more. He has counted with numerous international critics of the New York Times, art director of TIME Magazine, Classical Music Review, Sequenza 21, among many others.

NOTE: Marco Alejandro Sánchez Escuer changed his name to Alejandro Escuer when his uncle Julián Escuer died in a car accident. His grandfather had two female daughters, so the surname would disappear. For that reason, Alejandro gave his grandfather the change of his artistic name to Alejandro Escuer.



Alejandro Escuer

P.h.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Music and Art: New York University / MA. University of Amsterdam
Lic. Sociology of Art
Postdocs: Columbia University and Indiana University.
Professor: UNAM -FAM